Exercise & Conditioning Program

Ever wish you could bring your dog to the gym? Perhaps it's the middle of winter, and walks have become more of an icy, tricky balancing act than a cardiovascular workout. Or maybe you've been coming home each night after a long day at work, exhausted, to be met at the door by a bouncing, restless dog whose been waiting all day to run circles with you. It may also be that you're looking for a way to keep your sporting dog super fit and strong in the off-season.

Simply put, dogs need quality exercise, and lots of it. Sometimes it can be difficult to provide enough for them.
We've got the solution.

Our Canine Exercise & Conditioning Program is designed for uninjured, active dogs, sporting and competition dogs, or dogs who are simply not receiving enough walks or quality exercise at home (this is especially helpful during winter months). Active dogs are kept strong and conditioned--important for preventing injury and gaining a competitive edge. Couch potatoes or dogs who are bouncing off the walls with excess energy will find a physically and mentally stimulating outlet that will make them fitter than ever. Studies show exercise in an underwater treadmill is approximately three times the intensity of the same performance on land, so these workouts are intense!

Here's how it works:

  1. Our first step is scheduling an appointment with one of our rehabilitation veterinarians. During this time, we perform a brief physical exam of your dog to determine their current health and fitness level (this provides a baseline from which we can work upon). We then discuss current lifestyle and activity levels, fitness needs or concerns, and define the goals you have set for your dog.
  2. The next step is tailoring the program according to your dog's needs, goals, and current fitness level--this includes both the underwater treadmill workouts and what additional tools/exercise equipment are best for your pet. We provide cavalettis, cones, stairs, a land treadmill specifically designed for dogs, exercise balls, and wobble boards for core strengthening.
  3. Our last step involves us teaching you how to use the underwater treadmill and exercise equipment. These sessions can be a fun bonding experience for you and your dog. We provide you will all the tools you need (towels, treats, toys, harnesses, leashes) and are right there if you need us.

Your dog is now ready to begin his exercise program! You may pay for sessions as you go or buy our discounted program package. Sessions may be scheduled any time during our regular business hours, and while we typically recommend coming once to twice a week, you may come as often as you like (provided your dog has a day off between each session for rest).

For more pricing information or questions about our Canine Exercise & Conditioning Program, please call the clinic at (952) 224-9354 or simply fill out our Contact Us Form.