Our Patients

We treat small animals of every age, breed, size, background, and activity level. Life stage issues might include a puppy with bone growth deformities or an elderly dog or cat suffering from hind limb weakness and arthritis. Our staff is familiarized and trained to work with breed-specific issues, such as degenerative myelopathy or wobbler's syndrome. We have treated performance dogs of all types: service and guide dogs, agility, hunting, racing, and police dogs. We work with several pet rescues, as well as breed clubs. Whatever obstacle your companion is facing, we are here to help.

Your pet is a Natural Athlete!

One of our specialties is Sports Medicine. This is the branch of medicine that deals with illnesses or injuries resulting from participation in sports and athletic activities. This includes not only sporting and performance dogs but also the average pet, as dogs and cats are natural athletes. Chasing a squirrel, ball, or a frisbee or leaping from countertop to countertop needs coordination, fine motor control, strength and speed. Injuries can result from these activities.

We can help your natural athlete recover from injuries affecting muscles, nerves, joints or tendons, and we can also design programs to help keep your athlete fit with cross-training, core strength, and techniques to learn balance and fine motor control for injury prevention.

Dr. Tomlinson is a member of the specialty college of the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. This specialty college was developed to meet the unique needs of athletic and working animals and all animals in need of rehabilitation.

Both Dr. Tomlinson and Dr. Whaley participate in athletic activity themselves and so have a keen understanding both from a personal and veterinary perspective.

Our clinic is the only clinic in the state dedicated solely to veterinary rehabilitation and sports medicine.