Our Process ...

Our goal at Twin Cities Animal Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine is to alleviate pain and restore our patients to maximal function, improving their quality of life. Scheduling a consultation is easy--simply give us a call at (952) 224-9354. Our staff is trained to help you with any questions or concerns you might have, and we have extended evening hours to accommodate you.

You will need:
  • Current x-rays (if you have them). If your x-rays are film, bring them along or request your veterinarian to send them to us. If they are digital, you can bring a CD copy or have your veterinarian email them directly to jenny @ tcrehab.com.
  • List of patient’s current medications and allergies.
  • Knowledge of patient’s medical history. Your veterinarian can fax any pertinent records to us at (952) 224-9194.

You may download our Admission Form and Patient Questionnaire to fill out before your consultation appointment, or plan to come 5-10 minutes early to fill them out.

Our process starts with scheduling a Consultation Exam
with our Certified Rehabilitation Veterinarians.

The consultation exam is the foundation of your pet’s path to wellness. During this hour-long initial exam, the rehab veterinarian will conduct an overall assessment of your pet’s condition, strength, and function. They will assess pain level, joint mobility, muscle strength and tone, nervous system function, posture, weight and dietary needs, as well as home environment, lifestyle routines, challenges, and goals.
Because these assessments are made by a veterinarian certified in rehabilitation, general health and other existing conditions are taken into account to develop an overall wellness plan. Our consultation rooms are a calming place: we use soft, padded mats for exams, relaxing music, and essential oils to create a stress-free environment.

The team (that includes you!) will devise a Treatment Plan

After our rehab veterinarian has assessed or diagnosed your pet’s condition, she will work with you to customize a treatment plan that works with your pet’s needs, your schedule, and your budget. We have a wide range of therapeutic modalities: therapeutic exercises including hydrotherapy, laser and ultrasound therapy, manual therapies, acupuncture, electrical stimulation and more.

Moving forward with your Treatment Plan

Each time your pet visits TC Rehab for their therapy, our veterinarians and trained staff are assessing their gait and mobility from the moment you walk in the door. Progress is monitored closely, and we continuously adapt the treatment plan to how your pet is responding and how things are advancing with the at-home therapeutic exercises we will teach you. We make every effort to adjust the plan to your pet’s personality and lifestyle to make rehab a feel-good journey.


As your pet makes progress towards graduation, we prepare you for at-home maintenance. Whether your pet is older and we want to retain the strength and mobility we’ve gained, or if your pet has suffered injury or had surgery and we want to prevent re-injury, we give you the tools to support your pet’s optimal health for the rest of their life. Graduation doesn’t mean goodbye—we remain here for you as a health care team for the lifetime your pet.