For Veterinarians

Since opening our doors in 2007, Twin Cities Animal Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Clinic has developed a successful working relationship with veterinary hospitals, doctors, and surgeons all over Minnesota and into Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa , and we have built a client base composed of dedicated, motivated pet owners. During this time, we have discovered many of the clients who contact us have cited they were not made aware of rehabilitation therapies by their primary veterinarians and sought us out on their own. We often hear from clients that they wish they had known about us sooner.

While rehabilitation is still an emerging practice in the field of veterinary medicine, it is one that committed pet owners are requesting more and more as an option in their pets’ health. We are here to work with you in providing the best possible all-around care for your patients.

Who are the rehabilitation veterinarians at TC Rehab & Sports Medicine?

Dr. Julia Tomlinson is a board certified specialist in rehabilitation and sports medicine (Diplomate, ACVSMR). She is also a board certified ACVS veterinary surgeon (no longer practicing equine surgery and sports medicine), has a PhD in Physiology and a Master of Science, and is a Certified Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapist (‘animal chiropractic’).

Dr. Julia has a special interest in sports medicine and therapy for chronic pain. She is founder and past president of the American Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians and a member of the Canine Sports Medicine Association and the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management.

Dr. Amy Whaley is our associate rehabilitation veterinarian. She graduated from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine in 2004 and is Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP). She is a member of the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management and is pursuing her certification in pain management.

What conditions do you treat at TC Rehab & Sports Medicine?

Rehabilitation is not just for post-op patients that need help with recovery. We work with a great deal of soft tissue injuries – those unexplained lameness cases. We also help geriatric patients with multiple stiff joints become more comfortable, overweight pets lose weight and become active again, IVDD dogs that are not surgical candidates, and many other cases. We provide custom braces and orthotics, and we measure and fit carts for disabled pets. Dr. Tomlinson also designs fitness programs for sporting and working dogs. For a more comprehensive list of services, please see our Conditions We Treat page.

Will referring a client to TC Rehab & Sports Medicine hurt my business?

On the contrary, referring a client to us often results in increased revenue for your clinic for several reasons:

  • We are a rehabilitation and sports medicine-only clinic, meaning we do not offer primary care services. We send our patients back to their primary veterinarians for medical testing or workups we deem necessary.
  • Communicating with you about your cases is very important to us. We send you a full report the day we see the patient and will continue to update you on their progress with us.
  • We do not take our own radiographs. We rely on you for this service.
  • We are happy to discuss all therapy options with your client and are honest about scientific evidence of outcomes versus personal experiences. If we think that surgery is a better option than rehabilitation, we will refer the client back to you so that you can decide who does the surgery.  
  • We do not fill another veterinarian’s prescription unless requested by that veterinarian. We may write our own prescriptions however, and politely request primary clinics follow the same conduct. We do not carry the major non-steroidals but do carry some other analgesics.
  • Clients are seeking progressive veterinarians who can offer comprehensive care, whether it’s at their primary facility or through referral. We make you look good!
How do I refer a client to TC Rehab & Sports Medicine?

There is no formal referral process but we appreciate your call, email, or notes by fax. Initial appointments with functional evaluation and owner education about the therapeutic plan take 60-90 minutes. Please have the client contact us themselves to set up an appointment time.  We will send you the consultation report the day we conduct it and send you regular updates on the patient’s progress over the course of their rehabilitation program. We aim to work with you to provide the best possible care to pets and their owners.